Time goes by so quickly!

It seems like just yesterday that my kids were little bitty and we were all sitting down together to work on science or history or maybe read a book together.  Or that I was teaching them the difference between a noun and a verb.  Or maybe working on multiplication tables.  Those times were so precious…and so fleeting.

Fast forward to 2011 and I have one who will be going to college in two months and one who will be a junior in high school.  One of them will be receiving all of her education from another place and other people.  The other – well, he’ll still be here under my supervision but let’s face it, a junior in high school doesn’t necessarily have to sit down with mom every day to do history or science or to read a book together.  The most likely scenario will be seeing him work independently and I’ll just be supervising his efforts – making sure he stays on track and grading his work.   There are some subjects where I still get to have a more hands-on approach but for the most part he works independently.

Why am I sharing all of this??  As I jump around the blogosphere, reading this blog and that, I’m confronted head-on with the reality that my babies have grown up.  I don’t get to do all that fun stuff that the moms with elementary school kids get to do anymore.  I don’t get to search out the latest and greatest curriculum.  I don’t get to use all the amazing technology that’s out there now to teach basic geography or science or math facts.  I don’t get to take library days, or park days, or field trip days (okay – maybe field trip days sometimes ;) ).  I know that’s a lot of “I don’ts” and I’m not trying to be a downer.  I’m just amazed at how homeschooling has grown and changed just in the eleven years since we began.  I’m not necessarily sad about what I didn’t get to do with my kids – although some of the stuff I’ve seen lately would’ve been pretty amazing to be able to do!! – I’m thrilled with what I got to do because we had an amazing ride and I’ve loved it!!  What I am sad about is that it’s coming to an end for me.

The good side is that I have the joy of knowing that I have given my kids a quality education for the last eleven years and I still get to do so for two more.  I have the joy of knowing that, for my daughter, all of our hard work paid off and she was accepted into an amazing program at a great university.  I may not be teaching her anymore and that might make me feel sad but she is going to have an amazing time doing what she loves to do and I couldn’t be more excited for her!

So for those of you with young children (not that you don’t already know this) enjoy every minute with them.  Because time goes by so quickly!

And for me?  I can always  hope for grandkids that I can help homeschool right? ;)

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  • http://masonjarcottage.wordpress.com Dianne

    Anytime you want to field trip with me, I could use the extra set of eyes (& hands). You know, I’m going to have a senior and a kindergartener… I’ll have been homeschooling for 24 years when my youngest makes it through!!! Thanks for reminding me it goes by fast.

    • Donetta

      Well, that’s an idea!! How fun would that be! :) I would love to join you!

  • http://cherishingthemoment.net Rachel

    Thanks for the reminder! Sometimes when I am in the thick of it, I can forget that this is a season that will quickly pass. I’m hoping for lots of grandchildren! :)

    • Donetta

      It is easy to feel that way. I remember reading something when I was younger and my kids were little and it basically said not to wish away the different stages of childhood. We can get caught up in the hard parts like diapers, potty training, terrible twos, etc., but each stage has things to enjoy and we need to cherish them because they go so fast. I tried to remember that and now that I’m almost to the point of having two adult children I can testify to how quickly it goes!

      Thanks for your comment and thanks for stopping by, Rachel!